Get a complete tablet based system from only £599 including software for the first year!

EPOS SYSTEM - unrivaled features

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Customer displays, waiter pads, kitchen displays - from just £199!

wireless waiter pads epos system cloud based

Waiter pads

Reduce costly and time-consuming errors with our easy to use waiter pads. Just £449 for each electronic ordering pad, send orders instantly and directly to your kitchen!

waiter pads from just 449 pound

Customer display

Interactive upselling with attractive customer displays which prompt customers to upgrade! Display advertisements when customers are not being server and really push your restaurant forward. Just £199

customer display epos LCD
customer display 199 pound LCD
lcd touchscreen kitchen display

Kitchen displays

Make your kitchen smarter, our kitchen displays are just £399 and allow your chefs to track and monitor kitchen progress in real time

kitchen display from just 399 pound

Software and support

  • 9-5 Support - included for the first month - £20/month (this includes cloud and advanced back-office and ongoing licence fee)
  • 6am to 12pm Support - £35/month (this includes cloud and advanced back-office and ongoing licence fee)
  • Cloud and advanced back-office - included for the first year - £10/month
  • The above prices are based on a single terminal/license there is a 20% discount for each additional terminal/license.

Kitchen printers

Or if you'd still prefer a kitchen printer, get one for just £149

Barcode scanners

Super quick, professional level USB barcode scanner, just £35, or wireless scanner, just £65.

15inch All in one zero-bezel terminal (no software)

Durable, industry standard all in one POS terminals, just £799.

Caller ID module

Ideal for takeaways, don't waste entering phone numbers, our caller ID module automatically retrieves the phone number when a call is placed and searches for customers in the system and allows you to add new customers with that phone number painlessly and instantly!