eatPOS – Preparing you for indoor hospitality reopening

On April 12, the coronavirus reopening roadmap allowed us to regain some of our freedom. It meant that outdoor pubs, shops, gyms & hairdressers were allowed to reopen. We now stand here in May, with over 17 million people having received their second dose vaccination.

A further lifting of lockdown in England is expected to be confirmed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson (10 May). It would bring about lockdown easing, such as indoor hospitality, & having friends over.

If targets are met, these are some of the changes which will be made in England:

– Pubs, restaurants & other hospitality outlets will be allowed to seat indoors

– Museums, theatres & cinemas will be allowed to open

– Large events will reopen, with limits on audience numbers

– Hotels, hostels & B&Bs can reopen

How can eatPOS help?

Here at eatPOS, we provide an all in one solution for your hospitality or retail business, with our integrated products, you can run your operation with efficiency and ease.

Let’s break it down by product.

Waiter Tablets:

Our eatPOS waiter tablets allow you to take orders on a handheld device, speeding up order taking, improving efficiency & reducing mistakes. With the current pandemic, businesses are restricted to table service, our tablet software provides the perfect solution, say goodbye to pen & paper, and hello to wireless printing, directly from your eatPOS waiter tablet device.

Our waiter tablets work across all major platforms (iPads, Android & Windows tablets). This gives you the flexibility to choose the device you’re most comfortable with. Maybe an 8inch iPad mini, or a 10inch Android tablet? The choice is yours. Our software remains consistent across all platforms, we don’t alter or change our software, it is optimised for your desired device.

How can the eatPOS waiter tablet help your business?

Full eatPOS functionality – including modifiers, meals deals, z reports, payments & much more. We don’t alter our tablet software from our static terminal solution, everything is uniform!

Reduce mistakes – no need for pen & paper! As we all know, handwriting is rarely consistent, especially when you’re busy listening to customers. We all have different handwriting habits; we all have days where our handwriting may not be as legible. Our waiter tablet solution keeps everything consistent with wireless printing, the ability to take orders without the need to manually walk to and from the kitchen & bar.

Customer engagement – Without the need to send order slips manually to their station, your staff are able to hop tables efficiently, allowing them to maintain customer relation & engage more with clientele, not having to slow customers down to write an order, or having to make sure writing is legible, our waiter tablet solutions allows you to provide quick service with more customer interaction.

Keep customers & staff safe –With the covid-19 pandemic, it’s important to reduce touch points in your venue, our waiter tablet software means customers do not need to roam around to collect & purchase their food & drink. Having your clientele seated means customers & staff feel safer, putting your mind at ease.

Reduced costs – Our waiter tablet allows you to increase efficiency, delegate clear responsibilities, maximising efficiency with fewer staff members.

eatPOS Cloud-EPOS software:

Our signature cloud EPOS software. Designed by our experts in the hospitality industry. eatPOS EPOS software includes all the modules you need to successfully run your business with ease & efficiency.

Key features include:

Friendly Interface – Navigate swiftly through your menu, with our ease to use EPOS solution

Clock In/Out – Our EPOS software allows full staff management functionality, which allows your staff to clock in/out with the touch of a button

Add Notes – Add notes/instructions for your chefs (kitchen slips) with ease

Easy Product Management – Full product/stock management, with the ability to add live counters on your items. This allows your staff to view stock information for a product at a glance on your EPOS!

Graphical Table Layouts – Add tables & chairs to your EPOS, allowing you to manage your tables with ease.

Management Reservations – Our reservation module includes full integration to our EPOS software. Manage your reservations from your till, with the ability to amend, accept, reject.

Manage Smartphone ‘order at table’ orders – Our ‘order at table’ module includes full integration to our EPOS software. Manage your customers’ ‘order at table’ orders from your till, with the ability to accept and reject orders.

With our order at table smartphone apps, your customers are able to order from their smartphone, to their table.

Key features include:

Order from anywhere, our order at table module doesn’t rely on wifi. Your customers can enjoy a drink outside, with the ability to order from their smartphoe

No app download. No fuss. Order directly from your smartphone browser

QR codes. Allow your customers to access your ordering page in seconds

Control and manage. The Ability to control your ‘order at table’ orders, directly from your eatPOS till!

Modifiers. Make it easy for your customers to purchase complimentary products & meal deals

Supports all major smartphone platforms. (iOS/Android/Windows)


If you’re a restaurant, bar, pub, fast food takeaway, street-food takeaway, mobile pop up,  QSR, gastropub, fine-dining venue, retail store looking for software and consultancy services do contact us directly on by email Alternatively, fill out our contact form here.