Freedom day: what does it mean for hospitality?

Lockdown restrictions have now been lifted in England, 19 July which is now being dubbed as ‘freedom day’

So what changes have now taken place in England?

– No Limit to how many people can meet

– Social distancing (1m) removed, except in hospitals & passport control)

– Face coverings are no longer required by law, although the government still ‘recommend’ the use of them in crowded spaces

– Some shops and transport will still require masks, for example Brittany Ferries continue to require face coverings

Changes made to Pubs, cafes, restaurants:

– Capacity limits lifted

– Social distancing removed

– No rule of 6 or two household at a table limit

– End of table service only

– Face coverings no longer required by law, but recommended

– No legal requirements to check in via NHS Covid app

Changes made to music venues and events

–  No limit of numbers at concerts, theatre or sports events

– Nightclubs can reopen without restrictions

– No legal requirements to check in via NHS Covid app

The government has advised nightclubs & musical events to ask for proof vaccination before entry onto their premises, although this will not be legally forced. It is therefore up to the individual business how they continue to monitor their guests upon entry.

Balloons poured from the ceiling, music blasting at midnight as nightclubs reopened its doors for the first time in 16 months across England. London’s biggest LGBT nightclub Heaven counted down to the last second to celebrate the ending of restrictions with a bang, the sound of Lady Gaga blasting through the venue, with balloons and confetti filling the air. Clubbers had been told to voluntarily take a lateral flow test before arriving, and attendees continued to stay far apart until the final minutes.

“Let’s imagine it’s the New Year’s Eve we never had,” declared the club’s owner, Jeremy Joseph.

The lockdown has cost Heaven nightclub more than £1m in rent, insurance and pension contribution costs which, Mr Joseph admitted, left him little choice but to reopen within the rules, even with concerns about recent Covid spread.

He told clubbers: “This isn’t the end of the pandemic, but it’s the next step. Be careful, let’s look after each other, and hopefully get back to normality.”

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