Here’s the reality of extortionate third-party commissions consuming YOUR business profits!

(PHOTO) – Online ordering with eatPOS.

With the current lockdown restrictions, and the current pandemic forcing restaurants, pubs and cafes to shut, demand for food delivery has surged forward.  A recent article by MarketWatch emphasises how most businesses have turned to delivery services to meet food delivery demands and to ensure business survival.[1] Yet, at what cost?


Today, fees for third-party delivery platforms such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats are up to 30%, so a Pizza sold for £10 loses £3 to the third-party platform. We tend to seek incentives for free deliveries which are usually only available for larger franchises, as it’s more financially viable for them to give discounts. The current pandemic has impacted both consumer income and business survival even more and we can only imagine the struggle for many consumers to purchase affordable food and for businesses to achieve sufficient demand to cover costs. Therefore, it ought to be emphasised that delivery apps seem to be exploiting profits at the expense of smaller businesses struggling to survive.

Mc Leod, the owner of Julie’s Kopitiam in Glasgow was using Uber Eats at the beginning of the pandemic, which allowed the business to remain open. “We are grateful for the service, however the fees are just so high, 27% swallows our profits, so we have to raise profits to get the food to customers and stay afloat”. So as restaurants put up prices to cover the costs, it is undeniable that the only party winning are the third-party platforms.

Here at eatPOS, our ethics and values lie in aiding smaller businesses achieve their business goals. With an eatPOS online ordering website, your customers can order on the go with a responsive, mobile-friendly as standard. Pay no hefty fees through Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Hungry House anymore! With our eatPOS online ordering website you pay just one flat monthly fee for your hosting and backups, regardless of however high your sales volumes are. How great is that?

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