Hospitality trends – reducing plastic waste!

Top trends for the hospitality industry during 2019

One of the biggest trends that seems to be taking over during 2019 is a reduction in the plastics that are used and this has extended to hospitality. Restaurants, pubs and bars are all being inspired to take a look at their own plastic use, especially single use items such as straws. Not only this, but packaging is also being targeted, with reusable or recycled plastics being a preferred choice. Making this change could mean taking a look at suppliers, but, thankfully, many of these businesses are also doing their part to cut down on the use of plastics.

It isn’t always easy to reduce plastics, but with a little effort, it should be relatively easy for any industry, even those that have been known to rely heavily on plastics, to make the change. It is just a small step that can make a change to the planet as a whole. Something that should inspire everyone to make a change.