New Year New EPOS

Written by Sagar, eatPOS

eatPOS team training @ Stamford college

Photo: eatPOS team training @ Stamford college

It’s fair to say the year 2020 was a turbulent one filled with uncertainty and anxiety inducement. We have all had to adjust to this temporary normal, which has brought forward a test to humans, deciphering what is important to our lives & wellbeing.

Mental health has been a big talking point throughout the pandemic. Growing up as an overweight kid allowed me to wallow in self-pity, I guess the gym, since the age of 18, provided me with escapism and a way to reinvent myself and follow a controlled diet. My free time became dedicated to researching food macros & different workout programs. From ketosis to intermittent fasting, I wanted to learn and understand it all. On 20th March, it was first announced gyms, along with hospitality, would close by midnight that very same day. As a result, work, along with my habitual lifestyle, was forced to change. My sweet morning dopamine rush had gone, and as a country we were forced to adapt.

It would be obnoxious of me to not recognise my own privilege. When I hear about families not being able to visit their dying relatives, how vulnerable the elderly is & how young children have had to try interpret it all, I realise how damaging this pandemic has been. Even with all of this, we have those failing to comply. Not wearing masks, touching all the fruit in supermarkets (which they may as well lick), I guess we’ve all had to deal with ‘Covidiots’, who are willing to jeopardise the lives of others to make a political stance.

Throughout the pandemic, at eatPOS we have tried to adapt as quickly as we can to match customers’ needs, as an all in one cloud solution. When hospitality opened up 4th July, table service became mandatory, and we were there ready with our order at table smartphone apps. No fuss, no downloads, we had a number of customers go live that day, and we ensured things ran smoothly, I remember clients mentioning how chaotic and tiresome this has been, I could only but sympathise. When the ‘eat out to help out’ scheme was announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak 8th July, eatPOS was there with our dedicated programmers. We ensured measurements were in place for customers to quickly tally how much they were owed from the scheme, ahead of the scheme going live (3rd August -31st August).


How eatPOS has helped businesses throughout the pandemic:

Cloud eatPOS software, helped businesses to use their till to take and manage orders, from walk in collections to online deliveries.







Online ordering, helped businesses to continue to trade online aside from usual brick & mortar operation.

Photo; eatPOS online ordering –






Order at table Smartphone apps, no downloads required, scan the QR code, select tablet number & pay







There is one thing I have been meaning to discuss, which is the EPOS market. Being with eatPOS for the past few years I have realised how we differ from competition. You realise after speaking to clients that a large amount of EPOS providers are there to sell you a system, and then send you to their 3-hour wait telephone support. Speaking to customers I notice a general trend in complaints, I just do not think a lot of providers have the infrastructure and support to deal with customers from the start to finish of their set up journey. Throughout the pandemic, we at eatPOS have heard a number of situations from clients, who have experienced horror trying to set up their EPOS/online ordering in times where your hospitality business could be closing tomorrow. EatPOS provides that personal touch which I have not heard from other providers, we want you to use our products & services to their full potential. We want your business to grow.

Here is what we want to leave behind in 2020:

• Confusing quotations. Occasionally, potential customers will send across a quotation for price matching. I am always astonished to see how misleading these can be. From hidden charges to extra module fees. At eatPOS, we aim to deliver transparency with our quotations & we will always make you aware of extra charges.

• Long support wait times. One of the biggest complaints I hear about is customers waiting for days and weeks even, for support. At eatPOS we have a dedicated email-support team, who work tirelessly to make sure customers’ needs are met. This allows customers to send a support email from their smartphone/PC, and to get a response within the hour from an eatPOS tech expert.

• Limited solutions – We want to give our customers the option to adapt their operation to the current climate, with multiple streams of revenue, controlled from a central back office. Having a central back office for multiple aspects of your business will help increase efficiency. For example, with our central back office, you are able to view reports from different revenue streams, from EPOS to online ordering & smartphone orders. Now there is no need to flick between different back-offices to generate reports for your business.

We understand the trials and tribulations hospitality has faced during the pandemic, and we have also had to adapt to ensure our clients could successfully continue to trade.

Whether you’re an existing or new client, eatPOS is here to help you through uncertain times. With the help of our in-house design team, we are able to modify our software to match ever-changing regulations put in place due to the pandemic. Hospitality businesses need to be (more than ever) operating at their most efficient and we believe our software allows your business to achieve that. From touchscreen cloud-EPOS to online ordering, we provide it all, as one complete solution.

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