Your EPOS in the CLOUD

Access your data from anywhere in the world with your very own cloud-based EPOS system with live data and offline mode!

Online ordering

Integrated online ordering available. Avoid hefty commission charges and retain your customers and get your own branded online ordering website today. Fully integrated with our EPOS systems!

Loyalty system - INCLUDED

Loyalty system, fully automated: increase customer retention and loyalty! Barcoded cards, magnetic stripe cards and simple customer lookup is supported within the loyalty system in eatPOS EPOS systems! Great for your restaurant EPOS and coffee shops and cafes!

COMPREHENSIVE reporting and stock management

COMPREHENSIVE reporting – analyse your business performance and increase efficiency and sales from the cloud back-office with live sales data from our EPOS systems.

INTEGRATED payments included Apple and Android Pay

Fully integrated card payment system, including Apple and Android pay! Reduce mistakes and increase speed with payments integrated within our EPOS systems.

And much more:

  • Address lookup
  • Driver management
  • Caller ID
  • Staff clock-in/clock-out
  • Create meal deals, modifiers, happy hour deals
  • More information…

Some of our customers and what they say about our EPOS systems and online ordering, including our restaurant EPOS systems with waiter tablets ...


eatpos kitchen display kds replace epos printer

Electronic kitchen display screen for your EPOS - replace your kitchen printer in your restaurant/bar/takeaway /hospitality business and improve service with our interactive kitchen display screens

Cloud based EPOS systems

eatPOS - we know
  • restaurant
  • takeaway
  • hospitality
  • retail
EPOS systems - Supplied Nationwide - Reduce costs, increase loyalty, increase revenue and efficiency!

eatPOS is shaking up the EPOS systems industry, with our price-busting hardware and state of the art cloud-based EPOS software packages for restaurants, takeaways, and all facets of the hospitality industry! Our intelligent point of sale system operates at lightspeed and can revolutionise your business. We are sure we can make your business more efficient so there is absolutely no reason not to get in touch and discuss our EPOS systems and online ordering solutions with 0% commission charges!

We are NOT resellers. We are NOT just developers. We are experienced restaurateurs with a background in the industry and have developed eatPOS  EPOS systems based on our extensive hospitality and retail experience. Our system, combined with our tips and advice will help you to improve efficiency and get the most out of the eatPOS EPOS system. Our EPOS system is maintained regularly and we are always keen to listen to feedback and feature requests from our customers! Should you proceed with our EPOS system and/or online ordering you can rest assured in the knowledge that we perform twice daily backups!

eatPOS is an intelligent pos system that can help your business now and has been developed by a team of experienced restaurateurs and developers with a combined experience of 65 years in the hospitality and retail industries: running hotels, wedding venues and restaurants, the confluence of technological expertise and industry know-how has led to the creation of an EPOS system that is truly revolutionary.

With eatPOS EPOS now you can push your business into the cloud and replace that outdated cash register and till system!

Seamlessly integrate eatPOS EPOS systems with your chip and PIN machine/payment solution including pay at table solutions, perfect for your restaurant EPOS

ingenico and verifone PDQ integrated with eatPOS EPOS
zapper qr code payments
payvector payments online pdq
payment icons
payment sense payments

Our EPOS systems integrate quickly and easily with your payment solution and chip and PIN devices. When a payment is initiated on our EPOS systems, the chip and PIN device also initiates the payment process (and it does not require the operator to re-enter the payment amount) and feeds back information to our EPOS system culminating with an approved/declined response to prevent operator error! Our EPOS systems also receive information during the payment process such as “Enter PIN” and “Please insert card” to provide an interactive experience for the customer.

Were you looking for a restaurant EPOS? We also have Pay at Table solutions! The portable terminals can connect directly to our EPOS systems and as an order is paid for at the table, it communicates with the restaurant EPOS and syncs the payment data. Using the pay at table solution you can also print bills from the restaurant EPOS system on the go using the chip and pin machine, whilst at the customer’s table, without having to go back to the printer!

You can also split bills easily using our EPOS systems.

In addition to this we support card-less payment methods including Apple and Android Pay; Zapper is also integrated within the eatPOS EPOS system.

Another great addition for your restaurant EPOS system are our waiter tablets/waiter pads. Take orders directly at the customer’s table and they will sync automatically via the cloud on your restaurant EPOS.

No longer will you need to take an order using a scruffy notepad and then subsequently walk to the EPOS and key it in! Now, take the orders on the waiter tablets/waiter pads and it is automatically sync’d with the EPOS and printed!

Our EPOS also includes the ability to send bulk SMS and bulk emails from the eatPOS EPOS cloud back-office. Create a customer database in the EPOS and use our marketing tools to increase loyalty!

The loyalty system is integrated seamlessly. As you take an order, the EPOS takes care of all the complex calculations automatically, reducing the risk of operator error and increasing customer loyalty.

Are you a takeaway business? Remember that the eatPOS EPOS system offers caller ID, distance checking, address lookup and many other specialist takeaway features!

Our EPOS software also includes comprehensive cloud reporting in addition to daily email reports! With our software you can ensure that you closely monitor your business from anywhere in the world 24/7!

Seamless payment processes are evermore important. From the EPOS system you can split payments quickly and easily and generate separate receipts. This functionality, especially in the advanced format that the eatPOS EPOS offers, is quite difficult to locate in other EPOS software.

Did you want to purchase a software only package, or lease your EPOS rather than buying a system outright? With eatPOS EPOS systems that’s easier than ever before! You can start today for less than the price of two coffees a week!

We  also offer online ordering websites that are integrated seamlessly with our EPOS systems, so that when an order is placed online, you’ll receive a notification on the EPOS system and the order will print automatically.

Our EPOS system also allows extensive control over kitchen printing, ever more important in a restaurant environment. You can configure font sizes, layouts and much more!

You can also combine eye-catching advertisements with an eatPOS EPOS system, with our full-colour LCD customer displays which also display the customer’s order in real time!

If you’re looking for a restaurant EPOS system, you’ll need graphical table layouts with colour coded statuses to give you an instant overview of the state of your service and eatPOS allows you to do so!

Whether you are a restaurant, takeaway, coffee shop, pub, bar, dessert parlour or any other hospitality business, compliance with allergen regulations is paramount to business integrity. With inbuilt allergen prompt functionality, our EPOS systems developed in-house at our office in Leicester will help you achieve this.

We have over 65 years of combined experience in hospitality and retail. We have designed a cloud EPOS system with an emphasis in usability and speed.

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