Allergen Prompts

Allergen Prompts: Providing safety for the customer The hospitality industry in the UK showcases a wide variety of food from different areas of the globe. However, sometimes the food may contain something which people are allergic too which could be fatal. According to European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, the cases of food allergies have doubled and the cases of hospitalisations caused by severe allergic reactions has increased 7-fold over the last decade. Due to the amount of menu items [...]

Waiter Pads

Waiter Pads Businesses are quick to realise the advantages for cloud based EPOS systems. The software used is compatible on a wide range of devices which makes it so versatile. Hospitality businesses don't need to be grounded to a static terminal. eatPOS, a specialist EPOS supplier offers a range of EPOS systems to cater for any hospitality business. One of their solutions are waiter pads which is truly beneficial to premises with table seating. Here is how it works: Order at the [...]

Old Tills Vs EPOS Systems

Old Tills Vs EPOS Systems EPOS Systems are essential for retail and hospitality businesses as not only do they record and process transactions they offer more flexibility and add to the image of your premises. Since the recent introduction of the cloud based EPOS system it has become more than a till. This will be explored below. Faster Payments: Rather than going through arduous steps to process a payment on a hard buttoned till, the EPOS touch screen interface is user [...]


Zapper: Be part of the payment revolution    Zapper is a free mobile app that is gaining popularity in the hospitality industry. It's changing the way customers are paying for their purchases. Currently it's available to download on Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8. Why is it so popular? Here are some of the benefits. Speed Up Payments: Rather than wait for the chip and pin machine in a restaurant a customer just has to scan the QR code on a receipt [...]


Why use a loyalty system? If your hospitality or retail business hasn't got a loyalty system you could be losing out. Take a look at what you're limiting yourself to. Transactions only. Customers are only valued for their purchases there and then. Business is short term rather than long term. Customer turnover. There isn't an incentive to keep on purchasing. As a result customers can easily switch to another competitor. Your hospitality business is relying on high customer turnover to survive. No customer [...]


Why Use Cloud? Still got an outdated till machine? It could be costing your hospitality business customers, time and money. This is explained below Hard to customise. It takes a lot of time to introduce new menu items. Therefore time is lost actually incorporating it into the menu rather than selling it to customers Static. Old till machines are anchored to one place. They are difficult to adapt and expand from. Limited capability. Old till machines were designed to record customer transactions. Other [...]

Some great features EPOS

You asked for it and we delivered! We know you've been looking for an easier way to order your kitchen printing, and we've added a graphical editor to do just that! Keep an eye on our YouTube video for a demo, due in the next couple of days. Make your kitchen smarter, our kitchen displays are just £399 and allow your chefs to track and monitor kitchen progress in real time

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customer displays for eatPOS EPOS systems point of sale

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Do you want to make your shop or restaurant more productive, efficient and profitable? Visit our blog for advice, and news on our revolutionary eatPOS EPOS system! Seamless multi-touch zero bezel EPOS system from only £899 including software for the first year! Hurry, limited time offer!

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