EPOS is the technology through which efficient recording of a sale of good or service to the customer is possible. It is a computerised system which performs all tasks of a store’s checkout counter. It allows customers to pay through cash and credit card while verifying transactions, providing sales reports, coordinating inventory record and also performs other services that are normally provided by a cash register/till, with advanced reporting. Today’s businesses are looking for methods to save money, increase sales and speed up productivity. Any retailer or modern hospitality business that wants the quickest, most cost effective and best EPOS system to run their day to day business should choose eatPOS

EPOS system has made all this possible. It is the combination of efficiency, reliability and up to the minute technology that makes it an increasingly popular choice for businesses in Edinburg. EPOS is a useful machine as it helps to improve the way a business performs, allows stock and information to be stored securely, information can be retrieved anytime when needed, allows a retailer to see what is in demand, it can print out vouchers and receipts for customers, it can also be linked to a company website. An eatPOS cloud-based system consists of computer hardware and software which is perfectly suited to the point of the sales environment.

EPOS is an affordable, efficient and intelligent point of sale for every business. The intelligent iPad EPOS app (coming soon), Windows app and Android works offline for important features and you can print and split bills. You can add products to a price, can assign a bar code and configure tax options. The eatPOS solution is extremely versatile and cloud based. With simple and advanced stock management features, you can check inventory levels to ensure that orders are up to date, and you can also keep track of what is needed.

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