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A number of innovations in the sales recording and billing technology starting from early electronic cash registers to the latest cloud based point of sale systems, EPOS technology is largely used in Leicester.

The reason why EPOS is widely by all sizes of businesses in Leicester is its ability to be diverse and simplistic. This means its can be easily used in a range of environments.

EPOS Leicester service clubs, bars, hotels to even shopping malls. EPOS technology has a number of uses from credit card verification and transaction to integration of discounts in shopping bills and updating of stock inventories for eateries and supermarkets.

Leicester is currently witnessing fast business growth.

Global Drive-through outlets use EPOS technology because of the ability of the systems from the cash counter to the kitchen be well integrated and at tandem. When an order is placed at the counter, the same order appears on the system mounted in the kitchen, saving time and increasing efficiency for processing orders.

Once the order is ready, the system sends a corresponding message back to the cash counter. This facility makes communication between the kitchen and cash counters located all over the store well integrated and efficient.

EPOS is used in a range of other hospitality sectors which is helping Leicester businesses thrive.

eatPOS can complement any business in Leicester and bring it into the 21st Century.

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