What eatPOS can do?

In London, there are many businesses that offer a top quality Electronic Point of Sale digital system. EPOS comprises of computer hardware, peripherals and software specifically tailored for sales which allows people to pay digitally for goods and services.

The best part about the software EPOS in London’s business sector is that it is easily customisable according to the size and scale of the business. An entry level system can be bought for £699 at eatPOS. The investment is well worth it and paid back in no time!

Why eatPOS?

Every business or retailer in London nowadays looks for new methods to save money and increase productivity whilst increasing sales. Buying and selling, in and around London, were complicated tasks which did include various steps to be completed in a short time. This is where the eatPOS EPOS comes in.

Great POS EPOS systems - train and start taking orders in under 10 minutes

    Some of its basic functions are:

    Its common components include cash draws, chip and pin, customer displays, keyboards, printers and weighing scales. And data can be entered in various ways including the latest bar code scanners and touchscreens.

    Store information and stocks securely

    Provide accurate sales reports and prices

    Improve data integrity

    Print receipts and vouchers

    Fast transactions with the reduction of human error

    Enable constantly updated inventory for accounting, marketing and sales

    eatPOS can complement any business and bring it into the 21st Century.


    What are you waiting for?

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