eatPOS: Highly Customisable EPOS

Milton Keynes is witnessing the highest population growth in the UK. This means that there are more potential customers which need to be catered for. Items in the menu need to be customised to each customer’s wish. This can make ordering very confusing especially if you’re not using an EPOS system. Hospitality businesses in Milton Keynes are rapidly switching over to EPOS systems. These range from all sizes and types such as restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, clubs and many more.

The cloud based eatPOS system is highly customisable from the back office. This means that you can customise the menu and include modifiers. The order will be printed to the kitchen clearly highlighting the modifiers. This reduces error that occurs when staff take orders via pen and paper. It also improves efficiency as the order is automatically printed to the kitchen. eatPOS understand that not every hospitality business is the same. Graphical table layouts can be programmed to mimic the actual table layout, which makes ordering simpler for sit down dining. Loyalty is integrated with the eatPOS system so you can reward loyal customers making them feel more valued. You are in charge of the loyalty amount which can either be an absolute value or percentage based. These are just some of the customisable options that the eatPOS system is equipped with.