EPOS Has Taken The City By Storm

Sunderland has a great selection of restaurants, bars and nightlife suitable for all tastes and budgets. Cloud based EPOS systems have taken this city by storm in order to keep up with all the demand. Hard buttoned till machines are outdated. They are slow for processing transactions and inflexible when it comes to menu customisation.

Businesses in Sunderland have been quick to see the long list of benefits EPOS has to offer. The touch screen interface is user friendly and fast, which means that payments and orders are efficient and accurate. As it is a cloud based system menu items can be easily customised and reports can be viewed from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet connection.

eatPOS is a specialist EPOS supplier with a combined total of 65 years experience in the hospitality industry. We understand that hospitality businesses are not all the same. Therefore eatPOS offer a range of solutions and add-ons to suit your hospitality business needs. Interested? eatPOS offer a free personalised demo. Contact Us.