eatPOS is the best EPOS option for businesses operating in York and across the country. . The main reason our point of sale software and hardware is optimal for your business requirements it that eatPOS can help in saving money and time by staying organized, whether it is stock or sales management! The eatPOS system is also useful for a range of businesses including: restaurant, takeaways retail, beauty bar and hotels and much more. It can provide an efficient and effective service to the consumers. An advantage of eatPOS is that it possesses the capability of doing everything which a till/cash register with advanced reporting. The eatPOS system can link to a PDQ terminal too!
The eatPOS EPOS point of sale system is an intelligent point of sale system that can operate at lightspeed! Our intelligent POS system with touch screens and on handheld device. It also has the quality to be personalized in accordance with your precise business practices. You can monitor staff, driver and terminal performance.
It allows you to assess supply and demand and print customer and kitchen receipts. The eatPOS EPOS system allows you to maximise profits and reduce costs.

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