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Self-service kiosks developed by the eatPOS experts.
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Custom design

We can develop a design to suit your branding and customer base, ensuring that you have a kiosk that stands out.

Integrated with EPOS

Fully integrated with eatPOS EPOS. Manage both systems from one central location and back-office management system.


Reduce queues and wait times in your busy business.

Allergens and compliance

Always ensure that you are in compliance with the latest directives on allergens and nutrition.

self service kiosk epos restaurant takeaway

Universal support

Our kiosks support Android, iOS and WIndows systems, from tablets, to large, 42 inch terminals!

Kitchen display

Send orders to a dedicated kitchen screen, or different stations receiving with multiple screens that display certain items!

Fewer mistakes

The customer gets exactly what they ordered, no more miscommunication.

Interactive upselling

Never miss an opportunity for upselling with automated prompts.

Great POS EPOS systems - train and start taking orders in under 10 minutes

    The ease of placing a kiosk order

    Placing an order at the self-service kiosk is quicker, easier, and more convenient than placing an order at the counter/bar
    • 1.

      Select what you want

      Scroll through an eye-catching menu with beautiful pictures of your wonderful dishes and select what you'd like.

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    • 2.

      Select how to pay

      Pay by cash at the counter or by card with the integrated PDQ machine.

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    • 3.

      Collect at the counter or sit at a table

      Collect your order at the counter or sit at a table and wait for your food!

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    The eatPOS self-service kiosks: great for queue busting, efficiency, and increasing guest check size

    eatPOS Queue busting technology – Reduce time spent taking orders; with our kiosk systems, orders are placed at the kiosk and sent immediately to the EPOS and kitchen and either displayed on a kitchen display screen or printed!

    Let the eatPOS self serve kiosks make you more revenue at your quick service restaurant. With our suggestion driven ordering experience for your customer to increase check value.

    With various payment options – be it card/cash/contactless. The eatPOS self service also provides you the option to make your business cashless.

    Easy-to-use, with bespoke design available, our kiosks will fit your branding seamlessly. Whether its a tablet kiosk, wall mount kiosk, free standing kiosk – we cater for every solution and business of any size. Suitable for QSR, Fast Food, Casual Restaurants, Cocktail Bars, Wine Bars, Leisure, Theatres, Hotels, Events, Casinos and NightClubs!

    Customisable designs to ensure your kiosk stands out

    With many hardware options available and bespoke designs for both hardware and software, eatPOS ensures your kiosk replicates your brand, menu, and colour scheme accurately. We develop the design to suit your branding and customer base, ensuring that you have a kiosk that stands out.

    Reduce queues with our Queue-Buster Technology

    Allow customers to place their order quicker and allow your business to increase productivity. No more lengthy queues or complaints due to long queues.

    Enhance the customer experience with our user-friendly interface

    Customer’s can place orders at the kiosk and pay via an automated, guided process and proceed to collect their order! The kiosk takes into account modifications, allergens and upselling.

    Increase efficiency and focus on ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty

    Less time spent taking orders and more time serving customers and ensuring that they are happy! Staff that manually took orders previously can now focus on tasks that improve guest experiences, and increase business performance.

    Reduce human error and say bye to miscommunication

    The eatPOS self service kiosk has also been designed to reduce human error, and ensure that orders are made precisely in accordance with customer requirements. Customers are satisfied with their orders and come back for more!

    Increase guest check value, driven by the suggestion-based ordering experience

    Let the eatPOS self serve kiosks make you more revenue at your quick service restaurant. With our suggestion driven ordering experience, you can upsell with ease.