Why use a loyalty system?

If your hospitality or retail business hasn’t got a loyalty system you could be losing out. Take a look at what you’re limiting yourself to.

Transactions only. Customers are only valued for their purchases there and then. Business is short term rather than long term.

Customer turnover. There isn’t an incentive to keep on purchasing. As a result customers can easily switch to another competitor. Your hospitality business is relying on high customer turnover to survive.

No customer data. This makes it hard to assess customer trends. Therefore new items are introduced on a whim rather than past evidence.

Never fear because eatPOS are here with their EPOS systems which have a loyalty system included. You will be able to notice the difference straight away. Here are some of the benefits.

Relationship. Loyalty allows you to connect with customers on a more personal level. Therefore business tends to be long term.

Retention. As customers feel more valued they will continue their repeat purchases. Loyalty sifts through customers and retains the valuable ones.

Extensive customer data. Customer and previous purchases highlight trends. Therefore your hospitality business will be more in tune towards the customer needs, improving satisfaction.

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