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iOS and Android apps available with integration to printers, barcode scanners, payment devices and much more!

Clear and easy to use, eatPOS tablet EPOS are great value! Secure, locking stands available to ensure your tablet EPOS system is always safe!
Low cost

Cut costs but not corners with a cost-effective tablet EPOS solution from eatPOS.

Slimline and space-saving

Save space with our secure, lockable stands!

Save paper

Go paperless and email receipts to customers. You can also upgrade to our interactive kitchen displays!

Improved business metrics

Get comprehensive and easy-to-understand metrics about your business from anywhere in the world at any time from the eatPOS cloud.


Using our extensive experience we have cut the time taking orders dramatically with our queue busting point of sale system.

Easily expandable

Grow quickly with your tablet EPOS and add more terminals, printers, cash drawers, displays and much more within seconds.

The eatPOS difference

We are one of the only EPOS providers that provides a true cross-platform experience that runs on Windows, Android and iOS.
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    A truly unified solution

    eatPOS has been developed to offer a unified solution. Add any device to your EPOS ecosystem and get the same experience across each device.

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    Truly portable

    Great for use in street-food and coffee vans.

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    Lockable stands available to keep your hardware safe.

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    Seamlessly integrate eatPOS EPOS systems with your chip and PIN machine/payment solution including pay at table solutions.

Great POS EPOS systems - train and start taking orders in under 10 minutes

    Tablet EPOS point of sale systems with eatPOS software, stands, printers, drawers and much more

    Tablet point of sale systems are great for start-up businesses. Lightweight, space-saving and easily movable, but at the time same secure and offering great flexibility, they are cost-effective solutions that still allow businesses to take advantage of the full range of features in an eatPOS EPOS system. So if you’re looking for tablet EPOS systems today, why not try an eatPOS tablet EPOS system?

    The great thing about our tablet EPOS is that they support the full functionality and hardware of our full EPOS offering, so you get the flexibility of a tablet with the features found in larger tills/terminals!

    Our tablet EPOS systems are unrivalled in price and features.

    Our tablet EPOS allows you to run your business with a low-cost base and increased efficiency. One of the great things about our tablet EPOS systems is that they can be detached from the stand quickly and easily so not only do you have a great tablet EPOS but potentially they double up as waiter tablets/waiter pads!

    Our tablet EPOS system expands quickly and easily.

    Deployment options

    We have both software-only and all-inclusive packages available.

    Need main terminals too?

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    Software only
    / Per month
    Simple to install
    iOS, Android and Windows support
    Works on smartphones on tablet
    Integrates with a range of printers and other peripherals
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    / one-off
    Android and Windows hardware packages available
    Includes a lockable stand, printer and drawer
    Plug and play solution
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