Takeaway EPOS - EPOS system for takeaways and restaurants

Take phone orders, online orders and much more with our fantastic takeaway EPOS

We understand the pressure involved when running a busy takeaway outlet especially in these competitive times; having been in hospitality for several years we understand exactly how you would like the system to work and for that reason we would urge you to call us on 0116 380 0299 and see how we can help you in the day to day running of your takeaway.

This system is especially designed for a busy takeaway where not only are you taking orders from walk-in customers off the street but also from customers calling you over the phone. With the eatPOS takeaway EPOS system you can aide this by adding on our caller ID module so that you can input orders with little to no effort!

It also has all the standard features built-in e.g. driver management, distance lookup, postcode/address lookup*, smart stock management, meal modifiers, customer history.

Great POS EPOS systems - train and start taking orders in under 10 minutes

    Caller ID

    Speed up order taking and prevent costly mistakes with eatPOS EPOS caller ID integration. Taking incorrect customer phone numbers can potentially lead to lost orders. Connect your phone line directly to the takeaway EPOS and when a customer calls, the system can check if they are currently in your database or whether you need to add them and if you do, it will automatically fill in their phone number to prevent you typing it in manually!

    Address lookup

    Another way to prevent mistakes and save time with the eatPOS takeaway EPOS. Just enter the postcode and our system will lookup a list of addresses. Our system is a true address lookup system, we do not just return the street address and city but the house number/business name too to add a second level of verification to your order taking.

    Your own customer database

    Build your own customer database. View past orders and duplicate orders with the eatPOS takeaway EPOS.

    Loyalty scheme

    Encourage customers to order directly with you rather than through expensive websites such as Justeat and Hungry House and avoid costly commission charges. Hurry, included free until December 2019.

    caller ID
    paid customer orders

    Distance checking

    Easily check the distance between your store and a customer with our built-in distance checking tool. The system will also notify you if the customer is outside your delivery radius and to aid your drivers, you can also put the distance on the receipt.

    Driver management

    Assign drivers to orders and manage delivery times and statuses. You can also view reports on how much money by cash, credit card, voucher etc. each driver has taken in the shift and this data is also saved for future analysis on our takeaway EPOS.

    Helpful receipts

    Display the customer address and phone number clearly on the kitchen and customer receipt to allow your kitchen to easily match up orders and your drivers to contact the customer to inform them of delivery updates.

    Email receipts

    Email receipts at the touch of a button, and save paper. eatPOS allows you to send customised receipts to customers, to reduce your environmental impact.

    Great POS EPOS systems - train and start taking orders in under 10 minutes


      Identity customers instantly!


      Your own customer database


      Visualise delivery orders


      Reduce customer entry times at 90% with out address lookup tool in our EPOS system for takeaways


      Increase customer retention!


      Access data from eatPOS cloud from anywhere in the world!


      Driver management system


      Assign separate delivery and collection prices


      Ensure you never miss an opportunity to upsell!


      Don’t fall foul of the latest allergen regulations with our allergen prompts!


      At the touch of a button


      Easily create meal deals and offers!


      Integrated Online Ordering

      Stop paying hefty Just Eat commission fees with an online ordering that integrates with your takeaway POS!

      With our integrated online ordering, you can retain your customer database and receive orders directly on the EPOS system in real-time.

      With SMS functionality, your customers can be kept informed of the progress of their order at each and every stage in the process.