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Great for restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, takeaways, cafes, coffee shops, quick service etc.

Great POS EPOS systems - train and start taking orders in under 10 minutes

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Hospitality EPOS system features

ALWAYS upsell and MAXIMISE revenue

Never miss an opportunity to upsell. Our EPOS systems and waiter pads will remind your staff as they take an order of the upselling options for a dish so you can maximise revenue

REDUCE mistakes

Never again receive complaints for incorrect/late orders. When a staff member takes an order, it is instantly sent to the kitchen, increasing efficiency and reducing mistakes

Take orders at the table

Take orders directly and instantly at the customer’s table and send them wirelessly to the kitchen!

Full eatPOS EPOS functionality

Full eatPOS EPOS functionality, including modifiers, meal deals, Z-reports, payments and much more.

Special requests

Take special requests with and place customised notes on customer orders, item-wise, or for the entire order. With eatPOS EPOS waiter pads, you have the full flexibility of taking an order by hand, with the speed and efficiency of an electronic system.

Save time

Take orders in seconds and send them to the kitchen with no delay!

Instant sync

Using our instant sync technologies, eatPOS waiter pads are automatically sync’d with each other, your EPOS system and the eatPOS cloud to ensure orders can be seen and edited across all devices.

Take payments at the table and at the EPOS system

Take payments at a customer’s table or at the counter, by either cash, or credit card, fully integrated with the eatPOS EPOS system.
waiter tablet pos epos pad system

Waiter tablets

  • Take orders at the customer’s table
  • Reduce mistakes, increase efficiency, increase revenue


£499 or £2/week

thermal printer 80mm ethernet, wifi and usb available

Kitchen printers

  • Automatic kitchen printing
  • Easy setup


£149 or 60p/week

large interactive kitchen display integrated with eatPOS epos system point of sale

INTERACTIVE Kitchen display screens

  • Interactive kitchen touch screens
  • Easily manage orders and no more messy paper slips!


£899 or £5/week

responsive online ordering just eat hungry house no commission

Online ordering and booking

  • NO MORE hefty commissions for online ordering and table bookings
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Your own customer database


£199 setup and £19/week

Case studies

bar pos epos system
hotel epos pos point of sale system
Coffee shop epos
pizza takeaway epos
indian restaurant epos takeaway epos
cafe deli quick service qsr


Save space and rapidly process transactions with a modern EPOS POS

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2 epos restaurant bar hotel waiter tablet pad

EPOS package 1

  • Includes 2 x 15inch touchscreen with 3 years’ guarantee
  • 3 x 80mm super-fast thermal printer
  • 2 x Secure cash drawer
  • 1 x waiter tablets


£3,199 or £19.20/week

4 pos waiter tablet deal waiter pad

EPOS Package 2

  • 4 x 15inch touchscreen with 3 years’ guarantee
  • 5 x 80mm super-fast thermal printer
  • 4 x waiter tablets
  • 4 x Secure cash drawer


£7,499 or £45/week

Save space and rapidly process transactions with a modern EPOS POS

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Why eatPOS

eatPOS supplies EPOS systems, waiter tablets, online ordering websites, self-service kiosks and much more to the hospitality industry.

Our client base is varied and widespread and we can cater for any business within the hospitality industry, both in the UK and abroad.

  • Over 75 years’ experience in hospitality, running hotels, restaurants and much more.
  • Price match guarantee – we constantly monitor prices to make sure you get the best deal and will match and beat quotations even for up to 30 days after purchase by at least £50!
  • Huge, varied offering, and customisable packages.
waiter tablet pos epos pad system

What we do


EPOS systems from £1299

  • Complete EPOS systems from just £1299, normally £1499!
  • Includes our cloud EPOS system software
  • With 15inch terminal, printer and drawer!
responsive online ordering just eat hungry house no commission

Online ordering

  • No commission charges!
  • Fully integrated with eatPOS EPOS system
  • Customised to suit your branding!
waiter tablet pos epos pad system

Waiter tablets from £399

  • Reduce costs, increase efficiency, reduce mistakes!
  • Allows more time to concentrate on improving customer service and satisfaction rather than writing orders on scruffy pads! Orders are sent directly to the EPOS and printed instantly. Great for busy restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels (amongst many other businesses!).
  • Interactive upselling prompts to maximise revenue!
self-service kiosk first screen pos epos

Self-service kiosks

  • Our self-service kiosks allow you to reduce queues and serving times drastically
  • Fully customisable, they integrate seamlessly with the eatPOS EPOS system
  • They can also take payments via a card-reader or mobile payments, enabling you to go cashless!

Save time and rapidly process transactions rapidly with a modern, stylish EPOS

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EPOS by the hospitality experts, made for (amongst others!):

Some of our Key features

cloud pos epos


loyalty system epos


meal deals, happy hour deals


caller id takeaways


inventory stock management


graphical table layouts restaurant pos

Table Layouts

diary reservations module app


clock in clock out staff


Seamlessly integrate eatPOS EPOS systems with your chip and PIN machine/payment solution including pay at table solutions, perfect for your restaurant EPOS

zapper qr code mobile payments
ingenico and verifone PDQ integrated with eatPOS EPOS
card types visa amex mastercard
payment sense payments
payvector payments online pdq
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