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eatPOS EPOS systems for restaurants

EPOS systems by the hospitality experts for the hospitality sector. We will help you achieve an ideal solution whether for a single unit, or multiple units, throughout the UK.

Developed with over 75 years of combined hospitality experience in mind, eatPOS for restaurants combines speed, ease of use and efficiency that makes for an EPOS system that allows your staff to focus on what really matters, customer satisfaction.

Our POS systems also integrate with our online ordering websites and self-service kiosk, with absolutely no commission charges; stop paying ridiculous fees today and switch to eatPOS EPOS!

Our POS systems software also feature great staff management and multi-level access features to ensure that each member has of staff has the correct access to each feature (discount, voids etc.) reducing risk to the business, with an extensive cloud back-office that you can manage from anywhere in the world.

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Waiter tablets

An essential addition to your restaurant EPOS system, waiter tablets can help to:

  • Reduce mistakes
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce costs

Amongst many other things! With the full functionality of the incredibly powerful eatPOS EPOS system, waiter tablets are sure to be come an essential part of your business.

Modifying and holding bills with fully customisable kitchen printing is a breeze with the eatPOS EPOS system.

You can also take payments at the customer’s table with our innovative pay at table solutions!

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Graphical table layouts

Using our cloud-based graphical table layout designers, you can design your eatPOS EPOS system to mimic your restaurant precisely.

You can change table statuses so managers at a glance can see the state of play in restaurant with ease and without having to investigate each table. This also helps your chefs and waiters determine which tables are waiting to be served.

Allergen and upselling prompts

Never miss a chance to upsell with our upselling prompts.

You can take an order on an eatPOS waiter tablet and as you choose an item it will prompt you to ask the customer for an item that they may also want.

This can also be used for allergen prompts to ensure lower the risk of serving a potentially hazardous item to a customer!

Comprehensive meal deals and modifiers

Easy-to-use and setup meal deals and modifiers.

Don’t get caught out by odd customer requests with our comprehensive meal deals and modifiers module. Add pizza toppings, lunch toppings, free text requests and much more instantly with the touch-optimised screens!

Merge and move orders and tables

Ever need to merge and move tables and orders, but find that the process is cumbersome, or that you need void an entire order and re-enter it, which comes with the additional issue of duplicate kitchen receipts being printed?

With our one touch system, merge and move tables at the touch of a button with no fuss!

Holding items

Give accurate instructions to your kitchen with our holding item feature and select items to print at a later point.

For example, you can put in an entire order and only choose to print the starters and then when the guests are ready, print the main course in the kitchen, preventing the need to manually intervene and give instructions to chefs in the kitchen.

Easy discounting

Easily discount orders or individual items with an audit trail to know who assigned the discount and customisable staff permissions to allow each staff group their own level of discount which can be overridden by a manager or with a one-time use code!

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More Features

Customer database

Your own customer database, with the option to export their details to make marketing even easier.

Service charges

Add a service charge at the touch a button, and remove it too!

Inventory management

Extensive inventory management system, with a simplified and advanced mode, including live stock counters

Works without internet!

Works offline, lost internet connection? Not a problem, continue printing and taking orders seamlessly.

Supplier database

Keep track of your suppliers and invoices using our cloud back office

Email receipts

Email receipts to customers at the touch of a button.

and more...

Seamlessly integrate eatPOS EPOS systems with your chip and PIN machine/payment solution including pay at table solutions, perfect for your restaurant EPOS

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