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General Questions

Yes, it is an adaptable solution and can be used for a range of purposes.

Yes, for the first month, and thereafter it’s £20/month, and that includes email and phone support. If you’d like extended support (until midnight), it’s only £35/month

Yes, but this varies depending on which devices you order, please contact us for more details

Yes, a software license is included with cloud access, updates and advanced back-office included for the first year. Thereafter, the advanced back-office with cloud hosting and daily backup is £10/month, or you can upgrade this to include our support package for just £20/month per terminal.

Yes, you are able to modify and monitor virtually all aspects of your business from the comprehensive advanced back office.

Yes, please see below for a list of the main features:

  • Loyalty features
  • Inventory tracking
  • Graphical table layouts
  • Takeout features
  • Chip and pin integration
  • Online ordering integration
  • Stock and inventory management
  • Digital menu boards (optional)
  • Online ordering (optional)
  • Customer displays
  • Kitchen and bar displays
  • Kitchen printing
  • Easy to use tax templates
  • Duplicate and merge orders
  • View past orders
  • Easy to use notes, modifiers, states, meal deals, happy hour deals
  • Unlimited pricing structures, menus and departments
  • And much more!

Yes, with a variety of options for reporting too.

Of course!

Yes, you can!

Yes, all from the eatPOS cloud in seconds!

Yes, you can export and import the data at will.

Getting Started

Add a department/menu first. Click on menu/item management and then departments to do so. If you are a retail outlet, you may only need one department. If you are a restaurant/coffee shop with separate takeaway and eat-in prices and tax treatments, you should add as many departments as you require.
You can then click on categories to add your categories and change their colour and then department mapping to state which categories appear in what department.

Go to the back-office, and menu management and menu items and then click add; you can then set various options from this page, after saving you can set the price depending on which department the operator selects.

You can set the tax values according to the department and category from the tax templates and mapping page.


Full customisable tax rates and templates allow you to set taxes according to category and customer behaviour (eat-in, takeout etc.).

You would first create two departments, eat-in and takeaway. They would each have essentially the same items and if you’d like you can have different prices for the takeaway items. You can then create a tax map for VAT that applies to all categories on eat-in products, and only certain categories on takeaway products. The operator can switch between the menus on the frontend seamlessly.

Stock Control

Stock control on the eatPOS system is fully adaptable and is suitable for both retail and hospitality businesses.

You can first add the individual items of stock with their respective units (ml, g or simple no units). This might be coffee beans, milk or a DVD.

Click on stock transactions. You can then enter the date, the supplier from which they arrived (you can also save suppliers) and the warehouse at which the stock arrived (if you have multiple branches).

Now, this is the clever part! You can add unlimited recipes/compositions. So for example, let’s say you have a latte. You’ve already added the coffee beans and milk stock items. You can then add a recipe, small latte, link it to the latte product and say a small latte is made up of 7g of coffee beans and 210ml of milk. Each time a small latte is sold the system keeps track of it.


eatPOS allows you to print customer receipts, kitchen receipts and open the cash drawer using the built-in print setting tools in the back-office.

Again, the system allows complete customisation. You can have unlimited receipts printed on any printer that is on your system.

You do not have to select a category, you can have a receipt split by categories, split receipts, different receipts depending on department (so different printers depending on whether it is a takeaway/eat-in order).


There are two aspects to reporting on the eatPOS system, the dashboard for an overview and the full reporting section

Unlike other companies, we don’t limit the data you can store. You can also export your data

You can analyse virtually every aspect of your business. You can view discount report, void reports, sales by terminal, staff, full receipts etc. You can analyse the data using our comprehensive filtering tools

In the unlikely event that we you require something that we haven’t added yet, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you!