eatPOS systems offer unrivaled value - enterprise level features including offline working (take orders and print even when your internet connection is down!) LCD customer and kitchen displays, loyalty systems and much more, combined with over 65 years experience in hospitality and retail, at unbeatable prices

Point of sale - EPOS SYSTEM - unrivaled features

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Comprehensive Cloud Management and Reporting

Manage your business from anywhere

epos reporting dashboard cloud based

Manage each and every aspect on your business from anywhere in the world, from virtually any device. This includes everything from changing your meal deals to filtering your data down to the minute!

LCD customer displays!

Upsell with ease with our intelligent customer displays

epos with LCD customer displays

LCD kitchen displays!

Make your kitchen smarter

epos with touchscreen LCD kitchen displays, improve efficiency, reduce mistakes
  • Cloud

    Cloud management and reporting. Not only can you access your sales and inventory from any device, anywhere, anytime, but you can edit prices, loyalty discounts and much more!

  • LCD Customer Display

    The time has come to be rid of outdated 2-line customer display poles. Full colour LCD customer displays are here. Customise your display with your latest offers and let your customers see their full receipt as they order at the same time.

  • LCD Kitchen Display

    Go paperless with an interactive kitchen display suitable to increase efficiency and precision. Alternatively, we can also supply a kitchen printer.

  • Loyalty System

    An easy to use and understand loyalty system with magnetic stripe reader. You can specify the percentage loyalty bonus to be applied. Offering this incentive to customers will help bring in repeat business which would otherwise go to your competitors. We can also supply custom printed magnetic cards.

  • Graphical table layouts

    Design multiple, graphical table layouts with our easier to use tools in seconds!

  • Waiter Pads

    Increase efficiency by using our mobile Waiter Pads to save time and avoid mistakes. The majority of the restaurants are still using traditional methods of order taking and typically a waiter will write down an order and once finished will go to the terminal and enter the order, very often they can't even read their own writing and will have to go back to the table to confirm an order and in a busy restaurant this is unacceptable. By using our affordable e-pads the waiter will be entering the order straight into the main system and will be able to go on to the next table saving time and avoiding costly mistakes. This will also help with increase profitability by reducing discounting due to incorrectly cooked food.

And Much More !

  • Full stock management
  • Customer management
  • Happy hours
  • Unlimited menus and categories

And Much More !

  • Meal deals
  • Customisable tax templates
  • Receipt templates with logo
  • Barcode scanning

And Much More !

  • Table locking
  • Full customer display editing
  • Unlimited operators
  • Employee time clock