Established businesses and start-ups adopting EPOS systems

This city has been voted best city in Scotland to start up a business due to the wealth of entrepreneurial spirit, support and facilities available. In order to stay competitive, many of them are adopting EPOS systems. The touch screen systems are more user friendly and eliminates a lot of the drawbacks that was once prevalent in the computer-based billing system. Electronic point of sale systems can be used in a range of businesses such as coffee shops, restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs just to name a few. This highly versatile system makes it desirable for Aberdeen’s business start ups and established businesses.

eatPOS understand the hospitality industry with a combined experience of 65 years. Therefore their EPOS system and software is designed with the user in mind. For instance, graphical table layouts can mimic the real table layout, making ordering easier. As eatPOS is cloud based the user can access the back office anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. This means that they can update menu items, manage live stock, employees and view reports on the move. A simple EPOS system can easily cost £2000. However an eatPOS system starts from less than half that. See how eatPOS can improve efficiency and reduce errors. Apply for a demo.