We are committed to giving back to the local community

And strive to conduct our business in a responsible manner

eatPOS has a firm committment to corporate-social responsibility

We partner with local educational institutions to help give young people the skills that are now essential in the workplace. Our studies have found that although degrees and other qualifications provide a grounding in the theory, they are lacking in modules that concern the practical applications of the degree material.

Given our vast experience in hospitality and business in general, this is an area in which we have excelled. With internships and apprenticeships available in various fields including software development, business development and marketing, we can offer young people the skills they need to succeed in today’s workplace with relevant, practical exercises, frequent feedback and great training sessions.

In addition to this, we also work hard to support local business with their POS systems and software requirements.

Our ethos is based around our excellent customer service record. This is a cornerstone of our corporate-social responsibility policy. Going the extra mile is something that comes naturally to us and we maintain an impressive response and resolution track record.

We also aim to keep our day-to-day business activities as sustainable as possible. To this end, we maintain a strict recycling and reusage policy at eatPOS and always aim to minimise waste, electricity consumption and packaging.

Supporting businesses
Committment to community
Environmentally friendly
Nurturing prospects and careers