4 ways to get your business ready for Christmas

That time of the year has come around again, where the turkeys are getting prepared and the mince pies have started to go missing. When the weather makes us get more cosy and friendly with our blankets, whilst we watch a white carpet of snow cover our gardens and pavements. The fire is on and so is your favourite movie, it may be the usual Home Alone or Elf, perhaps maybe Harry Potter, as the wizard has started to become acquainted with Christmas more and more these days.

At eatPOS we want to help prepare you, and your business, for Christmas too! Whether it is reducing mistakes, to just speeding up service, we’ve got you covered and are here to be your little helpers during the festive period.

1) Reduce Mistakes

Epos on the go:

Work on a series of easy and portable devices. From IOS, Android and Windows, our software works on it all, meaning you don’t need to switch up your tablets. Allowing for quick implementation to your business.

Increase Efficiency:

No need to tire your staff out by running to and from the kitchen or bar. Our software allows your orders to be printed to wirelessly to the correct station it requires. Streamlining the ordering process allows you to get orders out quicker.

Reduce Mistakes:

As the above Photo demonstrates, our devices help you to move away from the standard practice of pen and paper, to waiter tablets! Meaning chefs don’t have to try and read scruffy hand writing, allowing them to avoid confusing. No more running around replacing katsu chicken, when your customer ordered the vegan alternative, but the waiter forgot to note it down!


2) Simplicity of changing your menus

Manage anywhere/anytime:

Our cloud-based system allows you to access your back office anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Meaning you can also make sure everything is running smoothly while you are out on holiday yourself.

Change menu items:

With our software find it easy to change items on your back-office as if you were editing a spreadsheet, in a clear and confident way. Update products and pricing in real time with an instant sync to your EPOS.

Control the flow:

Change how items are appear on a kitchen slip to help avoid confusion. Be able to change items on a seasonal basis with ease and confidence. Be able to identify which products you sell the most, allowing you restock more efficiently.

3) Reduce no shows

Block out bookings:

During more busier times allow yourself to block out when bookings can be made, so you have more space for walk-ins. Meaning you don’t have tables sat empty, because someone has booked during a busy period and failed to show up.

More control to manage bookings:

View all of your bookings on the front of house EPOS software. Allowing you to integrate the EPOS software and online booking. With our ‘Agenda’ tab see how easy it is to manage bookings to see where you are fully booked along with how many reservations you have, including expected revenue.

Reduce no shows:

Don’t lose out on income because customers have not turned up to a reservation. Take a deposit providing more incentive to show up to their bookings, or have some repercussion to leaving your table alone, an empty seat can cost your business a pretty penny!

4) Speed up service

Say goodbye to old tills and bulky card machines:

With our devices, have complete portability, reducing the amount of tech in your restaurant, whilst increasing your efficiency. Have payment and an EPOS in one device. Saving you space and time. Clunky tills can also be an eye-sore, with our device make customers believe they are with a modern business, who are ahead of the curb.

New for 2021:

We are leading the way in the industry as our device does it all! A fully functioning EPOS device with no features left out, on the go, as it works on the same software. This device acts as a fully kitted EPOS with the added bonus of being able to take payments as well, saving your staff time which could be spent with other customers.

Quicker Service:

With our 2in1 device your customers don’t have to wait for the card machine when trying to pay for the bill, meaning your staff don’t have to crowd around the same till to fight for the PDQ machine. Your staff could have a device which allows payment and order taking, meaning that customers will be seen to quicker, allowing for quicker turnaround. Furthermore, this will increase profits with seats constantly being filled and replaced quickly.


Hopefully at eatPOS we are able to bring you an early Christmas present with our software, as well as showing you how to be more efficient for your hospitality business. We have worked with a number of clients through the pandemic to help them take orders no matter the situation, this Christmas we will be no different. Enquire here