5 reasons to grab our new 2 in 1 PAYMENT/EPOS DEVICE

From October 15, the national roll out for the new £100 contactless spending limit will commence. This will mean, instead of the current £45 limit, customers will be able to pay for goods & services up to £100 via contactless payment. This will include payment from contactless card, apple pay or google pay! This will also mean our 2 in 1 EPOS/contactless payment devices will accept a new £100 contactless limit, making them an even more viable choice for your hospitality business. In celebration, this article will mention the benefits of using our new 2 in 1 device, and how they can benefit your hospitality business.

It’s an EPOS & card machine, in one sleek device!

Our 2 in 1 device is new for 2021, and offers the complete package.  With our 2 in 1 device, you are able to use our EPOS software & services, with the ability to take payment, from the same device! Get rid of obsolete solutions consisting of old tills & bulky card machines.

With our 2 in 1 device, you can take orders, send them to the Bar or the kitchen printer and take contactless payment from customers, all in one device! No more standalone EPOS & card readers. In comparison to other competitors, we do not offer a watered-down version of the EPOS system on the 2 in 1 device. We provide you with full functionality that would be available in the EPOS terminals.

Save Time

During weekend or evening times, the inflow of customers into the restaurant will be substantial. In these times, business owners will be looking for the best way to operate in a time saving way whilst not cutting corners. With our devices, you can save much time throughout the day which in overall benefit the business. Whilst taking orders, the staff can send it to the kitchen printer right from the customer’s table. These elegant devices will also be able to take payment from the same device. Overall, these device help shave off key minutes that overall will add up and benefit the business.

Cut Costs

From reading the article, I’m sure you have figured out now, our 2 in 1 device acts as an EPOS & card machine, all in a handheld device. In turn, you’re saving costs, with a low monthly cost & no commission. No need to pay separately for card machine rental or EPOS monthly costs, which combined can be as much as £80/month, not taking into account hidden fees!


As this is a quicker way to send orders to the kitchen, overall, it can help the flow of how business is done. We understand the mistakes that can happen and how slow it may be getting orders from the table to the kitchen. These 2 for 1 devices give massive productivity boosts as the process of tilling up items will be much quicker. Also, during busy periods of business, when multiple tables are ready to make the payment, typically, with only a couple chip and pin machines, it may be common for a table to be waiting for a machine to be available. With the exclusive 2 in 1 device, you will have extra ways to take payment, and as contactless is more commonly used, it can increase overall productivity.

Part of our Eco-system

Like all of our products, the eatPOS 2 in 1 device integrates with our eatPOS family. With an array of products from our online reservation’s module, to smartphone ordering apps, it’s all connected! We offer the complete solution for your hospitality provider, which works out more efficient and cost effective for you. Being able to amend information from one back office, such as changing menu items, or when your customers are able to book a reservation.

We are committed to helping customers through these unprecedented times and we are constantly innovating to provide you the best experience and most seamless integration within the hospitality industry. For more information, please visit here, fill out the contact form today and one of our helpful consultants will guide you on our all in one solution, and provide you with the insight to increase efficiency within your operation.