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A comprehensive table reservation module

Regain control of your restaurant/hotel

Take bookings online

Upsell in quiet hours

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Integrated table reservation system

eatPOS provides perhaps the only comprehensive table booking system built-in to an industry-leading EPOS software.

Reduce no shows

Table bookings by eatPOS can take deposits, and send automated reminder emails to reduce the chance of no-shows!

Always open

Never miss a booking with your own table booking website.

Filling up your quieter times - a conundrum?

It is a common mistake in the hospitality industry to fill up your busiest periods with reservations. Why, you ask? The busier periods (weekend evenings etc.) are ideal periods to take advantage of increased footfall. So, how can we help you to overcome this?

Encourage more bookings in quieter periods

Using up-selling prompts, our online reservation modules can encourage potential customers to book in less busy times, by offering discounts/incentives to booking during those times.

Reservation limits

Our intelligent booking system allows you to limit reservations in busier time periods. Again, this can encourage customers to place bookings for quieter periods.

Our online bookings module integrates into your existing website

Easy install

You can either link to the table booking service from your website, or drop a piece of code in seconds into your existing website!

Email notifications

Get notified instantly of any reservations via email, SMS or directly on the POS.

Fully integrated

Whenever a booking is placed online it is instantly synchronised with your EPOS system so that you have a thorough overview of how busy your restaurant is.

Great POS EPOS systems - train and start taking orders in under 10 minutes

    Priceless insights

    Get insights into your customer base and use our segmentation tools to gain invaluable insights and actionable data.

    Integration with marketing tools

    Our integration with various SMS and email marketing tools gives you the flexibility to market to your customer base with a variety of marketing mediums.

    Full control

    You have total control over your customer database!

    Your own customer database that you manage

    A properly managed and compliant table reservation system allows you to build up a comprehensive customer database.

    Reduce no-shows

    Our system can take care of deposits and reduce no-shows by sending automated reminder emails!
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