Belfast is ingrained as the number one place to experience Ireland, from it’s worldwide recognisable culture including music, traditions, language, folklore and festivals. If it weren’t for the people of Belfast and Ireland it wouldn’t be the staple of individualism that it is today, and of course it goes without saying that Ireland is the central hub for bars and pubs and Belfast is scattered with rural pubs to much more modern bars.

We know that the basic foundation to running any business is to keep the customer satisfied and happy, that’s why at eatPOS our EPOS systems make purchasing easier and more reliable than by conventional means, not only making it more convenient for your customers but for your business as a whole.

We have implemented functions that’ll keep your customers coming back to your business such as:

  • Loyalty system, improves customer retention and encourages ordering directly from your business
  • Allowing different methods of payment, faster than PDQ machines
  • Gain full access to customer information, allowing more accurate data
  • Records sales and stocks, making it easier to keep up on what customers are purchasing
  • Run happy hour deals, meal deals and other promotions efficiently and easily!

So whether you’re running a restaurant, a bar or even a pub you can defiantly count on our EPOS systems to help run your business more efficiently than it previously did!

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