Cash registers and tills

Stay away from traditional cash registers and tills

Cash registers – We’re sure this conjures up images of old-fashion tills with mechanical buttons, tiny receipts etc.

A traditional cash register does not give you the flexibility of the eatPOS EPOS system and comes at a huge cost.

Not only do you have to splash out for an outdated piece of technology, but you’ll have an extensive amount of extra work when attempting to collate your data and reporting.

With the eatPOS EPOS system, you’re able to access your data from anywhere in the world at the touch of a button.

With a cash register you do not have the option of waiter tablets.

Want new features? You will not get this with a traditional till/cash register.

Do you want nice, easy-to-read graphical reports? Again, cash registers lack this facility!

With a traditional cash register/till you might also have difficulties programming your menu and products. Why not get an eatPOS EPOS system and simplify this task!

Given that an eatPOS EPOS system starts from just £899, there is absolutely no reason to get an outdated cash register!