Why Use Cloud?

Still got an outdated till machine? It could be costing your hospitality business customers, time and money. This is explained below

Hard to customise. It takes a lot of time to introduce new menu items. Therefore time is lost actually incorporating it into the menu rather than selling it to customers

Static. Old till machines are anchored to one place. They are difficult to adapt and expand from.

Limited capability. Old till machines were designed to record customer transactions. Other important indicators are not measured.

Do these situations sound familiar to you? It’s time for a change. eatPOS terminal grants 1 year access to Cloud Management and Reporting free of charge. The benefits outlined below have the ability to maximise your hospitality business’s potential.

Highly customisable. The menu is easy to change so you can start serving customers new items in seconds.

Flexible. Access and manage work from anywhere in world as long as you have an internet connection. Front of house staff who take orders via eatPOS waiter tablets have the data synced to the terminal. This speeds up order taking, improves efficiency and reduces mistakes.

Extensive Capabilities. Cloud Management and Reporting allows you to view complex data in a simplistic way. It’s packed with useful modules such as loyalty, discounts, employee management and many more.

Constant Updates. eatPOS software is optimised to update in the background silently. Therefore you can concentrate on serving customers and making them happy.

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