The eatPOS EPOS Christmas hospitality guide

Restaurants And Christmas – How To Gain Customers And Influence People

With the festive season imminent, people who run eateries and other such establishments are often left wondering how they can use this time to get an increased customer base in their restaurant. We’re going to be looking at some of the ways that you can attract customers, as well as set a Christmas menu and get bookings in order.

Attracting Customers

First things first. Let’s look at attracting that all-important customer base. You obviously want to ensure that as many customers come through the door during the festive season, and for that, you’ve got to pull out all of the stops. Make sure that the entire place looks like it’s ready for Christmas, and try to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Put on the Christmas songs, hang up the decorations, and make people stop and stare at this fantastic place to eat.

Setting The Christmas Menu

Now that you’ve gotten the customers through the door and looking to order a meal, you need to make sure that what you can serve them will be suitably festive to match the occasion. When it comes to a Christmas menu, you need to make sure that you’ve covered every single possible preference. Make sure that you have at least a meat option, a vegetarian option, and also a vegan option if you can manage it. Not only will you seem more accommodating, but you’ll also attract the crowds of millennials who are looking to have Christmas meals with friends and co-workers. Try and include a selection of four or five good quality dishes, and you’ll have a recipe for success. With an eatPOS EPOS system, setting the right menu has never been easier.

Getting Bookings

Of course, there’s going to be a demand for a place at one of your tables if you’re doing everything right, so it’s time for a bit of planning. A bookings system means that you’re getting a good idea of the kinds of numbers you’ll be dealing with on the day, which makes getting ingredients and supplies that much easier. Bookings are often done over the phone, and if you can put a copy of your menu out there, you can get an idea of the types of food you’ll need to cook and the quantities of each dish. This will make each booking a much easier process, and also ensures that you get a good flow of customers over the course of the day.

Overall, these are just a few of the ways that you can use the festive season to improve your customer flow. Obviously, with the number of people looking to eat out on the rise at this time of year, you’re going to want to take advantage of this and provide people with a place to eat which has an authentic Christmas feel to it. Making sure that the establishment is suitably decorated, that there’s a menu which caters for everyone, and a successful booking system will all help you when it comes to getting those customers through the door and having them leave thoroughly satisfied.

eatPOS EPOS can help you with all of the above, so give us a call on 0116 380 0299 (or click here) to get started today, and Merry Christmas!