eatPOS add-ons for EPOS systems

Electronic eatPOS waiter pads

  • Take orders in a restaurant at the customer’s tablet and send to the kitchen instantly
  • Reduce waiting times
  • Increasing revenue
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase number of guests served
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Portrait and landscape mode available, switch seamlessly between the two!
  • Automatically syncs with eatPOS EPOS system and cloud


Our easy-to-use waiter pads allow your waiters to take orders at a customer’s table and send them to the kitchen in seconds.

With our great instant-syncing technology, orders processed on a waiter pad will automatically sync with the cloud and other waiter pads and your main system.

eatPOS waiter pads can also be used to cash-off orders and print bills.

We have a range of options available in various colours, including 7inch and 8inch models!

Hover/touch on the waiter tablet to zoom and explore!

waiter pads for restaurants and bars integrated with EPOS systems

Caller ID module

caller ID for eatPOS EPOS software for takeaways, salons including software

Caller ID module, including software module for eatPOS EPOS software and hardware with all cabling.

LCD customer displays

customer displays for eatPOS EPOS systems point of sale

LCD customer display: display your customer’s order in full colour with relevant advertisements to help upsell!

Barcode scanners

barcode scanners USB and wireless for EPOS systems point of sale

Barcode scanners, wireless and USB available! Scan your items with ease with our reliable barcode scanners.

Expand your eatPOS EPOS system with useful, cost effective and easy to add extensions and add-ons.

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Super-fast 80mm thermal printers!

With our super-fast 80mm thermal printers, we have four options available:

USB: direct connection to your terminal [other devices can also print to this!] – £129

Ethernet: connected to your router and every device can connect directly to the printer – £149

WiFi enabled: no messy wires – £249

Bluetooth £149

thermal printer 80mm ethernet, wifi and usb available

tablet stand epos system drawer printer

Secure, lockable and stylish tablet stands

Our secure, lockable and stylish tablet stands are suitable for virtually any size tablet!

Easy to install, our tablets allow you to swivel and rotate the screens.

Show off your new eatPOS EPOS system with a stylish stand, only £99!

Loyalty, staff card reader

msr card reader magnetic for loyalty cards

Loyalty and staff card MSR reader, scan details in seconds and save time, and improve security! Can also be used for temporary overrides etc.

Branded loyalty cards

loyalty scheme printed loyalty cards

Improve customer loyalty and retention with your own branded loyalty cards. We can also provide printed staff cards for logging into the eatPOS EPOS system.

Kitchen display screens

large interactive kitchen display integrated with eatPOS epos system point of sale

Kitchen display screen: get rid of kitchen printers and help the environment. Display customer orders on our large format kitchen displays and maximise kitchen performance!

Bluetooth interface

58mm bluetooth printers for EPOS systems eatPOS mobile POS

USB 58mm super-fast thermal printer

Pushed for space? Our 58mm thermal printers are perfect for you then! Speed, and space saving and with the ability to print logos like their larger counterparts, they’ll be a great addition to your business!

We have both bluetooth and USB printers to provide flexibility.

USB interface

58mm super fast thermal printers for eatPOS EPOS systems retail hospitality salons

secure all metal cash drawer compartments

Secure all metal cash drawers

Need another cash drawer? Our secure, all metal cash drawers are suitable for almost all EPOS systems.

Our cash drawers are plugged directly to the printer, allowing them to be shared between terminals.

They also contain all standard compartments in a removal tray and are complete with a lock and key.

All prices subject to VAT at the prevailing rate

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