Is the future self-service?

No matter where you live, there is a good chance that you have come across a self-serve till or order point in your life. The most common place that you will see these kiosks has to be in a supermarket, however, their reach is extending and they are popping up in a variety of others places.

Hotels, fast food chains and plenty of other businesses out there are adding self-serve into their customer experience, but why is this? What benefits are there to self-serve kiosks?

They make the process faster

One of the biggest benefits to self-serve is that they help to make the ordering or paying process much faster. Customers won’t have to wait in line for as long as they may have to if they visit a staff powered till, which makes them happier and makes sure that your queues move a whole lot quicker too.

Customers are in control of their order

We all like to feel in control of what we do, even something as simple as making a purchase, checking in to a hotel or ordering room service. Providing a self-serve kiosk as a part of your service means that your customers will be taking control of their order and the process in its entirety, which is something that many people prefer to use a self-service kiosk.

There is less room for error

When you make an order with a person, there is a much greater chance that you may see an error occur within the order. However, when you are making the order on a self-serve kiosk, you are in charge of the order, you press the buttons and you can then check what you have ordered before you pay. This means that there is much less room for error.

Self-serve cuts cost for the business

One benefit for self-serve kiosks to the business who puts them in place is that they can help cut costs. Of course, they will never replace “real” people but they can help to reduce the number of staff that needs to be employed on a particular shift, which means that they can place staff elsewhere, or invest the money that they would spend on till staff on other parts of the business.

They can be fun to use

You may not think of it, but one huge benefit of self-serve is that it caters to the inner child within us who likes to play with gadgets and toys. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times you order through a self-serve kiosk, you are still going to enjoy the process and if it can be made more entertaining, then all the better too.

They can be frustrating at times, and we all get a bit of “self-serve” rage from time to time, however, as the technology grows and develops, and we all get used to using them, we are sure that the future is definitely going to prove to be self-serve, and we are pretty excited about that.

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