Jacks of Melbourne Case Study

“I needed a system that was versatile and had remote access so I could update the menu at home”

- Sarah - Manager, Jacks of Melbourne

jacks of melbourne eatpos epos

Jacks of Melbourne is an award winning independent coffee shop in the Georgian market town of Derby. It’s a partnership between Master Bakers couple Jackie and Tony and Manager Sarah. The team pride themselves on serving the best homemade cakes and meals with ingredients sourced from local suppliers wherever possible.

This family friendly coffee shop was using pen and paper style ordering and an old fashioned hard button till machine. This outdated style was creating barriers. For instance there was a lot of steps to complete an order using the till which meant a high opportunity for error and handwritten orders were sometimes illegible forcing a double check. The problems became more prevalent when customer numbers kept on increasing.

jacks of melbourne inside eatpos epos system
jacks of melbourne eatpos epos

“eatPOS are predominantly hospitality focused rather than retail which made them stand out. In addition their free personalised demo was really helpful”

- Sarah - Manager, Jacks of Melbourne

jacks food on slate with eatpos epos and waiter pads

Jack of Melbourne needed an EPOS system that could facilitate quick and efficient transactions ensuring seamless customer experience at peak times. With so many suppliers on the market, eatPOS was the one that stood out from the crowd. Sarah wanted a simple system that was user friendly. Before purchasing a solution from eatPOS, Sarah attended a demo whereby the menu from Jacks and Melbourne was pre-programmed ensuring a realistic experience with the software.

After deploying the eatPOS EPOS solution, Sarah can now view extensive reports and change menu items instantly at home. If there is a query she is unsure about there is always the phone, email and live chat.

Staff will always be weary of technological change. This was true for Jacks of Melbourne at the start but once they got to grips due to the simplicity of the system, it rapidly became a success.

With efficiency improved, errors reduced, the staff at Jacks of Melbourne can spend more time serving delicious homemade cakes and meals. If you want to find out how eatPOS can help your hospitality business, please give us a call on 0116 380 0299 or click here

“The support has been brilliant. Phone and email are answered swiftly”

- Sarah - Manager, Jacks of Melbourne

jacks of melbourne eatpos epos

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