Reduce costs, increase efficiency, reduce mistakes!

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Waiter pads | Waiter pads for restaurants and bars

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Reduce mistakes – no need to take orders down on a scruffy pad!

Increase efficiency – take orders in seconds

Reduce costs – from complaints, and incorrect orders

Automatic syncing – orders sync automatically with the eatPOS EPOS POS system

Our waiter tablets will allow your waiters to take orders at a customer’s table in your restaurant.

Orders will print automatically on the portable tablets and sync with your eatPOS EPOS system!

Waiter pads - speed up order taking, improve efficiency and reduce mistakes and complaints

Our electronic waiter pads with eatPOS tableside ordering software allow your staff to take orders and payments at a customer’s table.

Our waiter pads can operate offline, just like the eatPOS EPOS system and also sync automatically with the eatPOS cloud. When you take an order on one waiter pad, it automatically and silently updates with the other waiter pads and your eatPOS EPOS system.

eatPOS waiter pads will also print in seconds, wirelessly, to your printers to speed up preparation times.

eatPOS waiter tablets also allow you to take payments at the customer’s table without any extra hardware!

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Reduce costs, increase efficiency, reduce mistakes!

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Waiter pads that - what more could you ask for?

waiter pads for restaurants and bars integrated with EPOS systems
  • Print wirelessly

    Print wirelessly to speed up service. How about sending drink orders to the bar first, and then proceeding to take the rest of the customer’s order, so that the table receives their drinks before you’ve even finished taking rest of the order? – impressive service!

  • UPSELLING and ALLERGEN prompts

    Never miss a chance to upsell with our upselling prompts.

    You can take an order on an eatPOS waiter tablet and as you choose an item it will prompt you to ask the customer for an item that they may also want.

    This can also be used for allergen prompts to ensure lower the risk of serving a potentially hazardous item to a customer!

  • Reduce mistakes

    Unlike many other waiter pad systems, our pads have been designed with our extensive hospitality experience in mind. You can both see the items within the order and your menu at a glance, allowing you to take orders swiftly and reduce mistakes, helping to improve customer satisfaction and reduce wastage!

  • Improve efficiency

    Prepare orders quickly and free-up staff to perform other duties and focus on customer satisfaction!

Instant sync

Using our instant sync technologies, eatPOS waiter pads are automatically sync’d with each other, your EPOS system and the eatPOS cloud to ensure orders can be seen and edited across all devices.

Special requests

Take special requests with and place customised notes on customer orders, item-wise, or for the entire order. With eatPOS EPOS waiter pads, you have the full flexibility of taking an order by hand, with the speed and efficiency of an electronic system.

Two layouts

Two easy to use layouts, switch easily between the full landscape layout and a simplified portrait layout, depending on what the operator prefers.

Full eatPOS EPOS functionality

Full eatPOS EPOS functionality, including modifiers, meal deals, Z-reports, payments and much more.

Take payments at the table

Take payments at a customer’s table, by either cash, or credit card.

Easy staff management

Manage your staff with ease and assign login PINs and permissions from anywhere in the world.

eatPOS waiter pads are a great addition to any restaurant/hospitality business.

Our waiter tablets automatically sync via the eatPOS cloud and print wirelessly instantly, dramatically speeding up service!