Happy Monday: No more Covid Passports in England

Hurray! It’s a happy Monday for the Hospitality Industry in England. Just when the dreaded Covid passports were around the corner, health secretary Sajid Javid announced a U-turn on 12 September, stating that the controversial documents would no longer be needed. With a lot of mixed feelings and perspectives on the matter, one industry which united with positivity, the hospitality industry, could not have asked for better news.

Don’t worry if you are not clued up with the proposed plans for Covid passports in England, the scheme meant that from the end of this month, to enter mass events such as nightclubs or festivals, the attendee would have to produce a Covid passport. A Covid passport is issued when the person is fully vaccinated i.e., received two jabs for the Covid vaccine. This is still being pursued in Scotland, however, England has reserved such scheme.

In England, the scheme will only be introduced if needed for over the winter months when outbreaks typically rise. The decision as mentioned prior splits opinions as the vaccines minister Nadim Zahawi defended it as the “best way” to keep the nightclub industry open (BBC). On the other hand, many people are fearful of the impacts of letting unvaccinated people into these large events.

The original plan was reported in July but only a couple of months later, the plans have been reversed. So how does this affect the hospitality industry?

Back in July, club owners were skeptical about the government plans to introduce a vaccine passport system. Clubs, unlike pubs, restaurants and most bars were closed for almost 18 months to 19 July, and have been the focus of the policy (Guardian). The further restriction on these hospitality owners could push them further to being never opened again. This backed up with the fact that, “A flash poll of about 250 venues carried out by the NTIA found that 83% were against vaccine passports” (Guardian). With most of their custom not wanting to be vaccinated, the decline of this industry looks set if the passport were to go ahead.

The fear of spontaneous nights and activities was under threat as many establishments would be unavailable to enter for unvaccinated people who are mainly younger and their key audience.  The lack of revenue would lead to problems. Luckily the scheme has temporarily collapsed, meaning that clubs can operate freely again.

The hospitality industry can now operate as once was, meaning stock and other expenses can be bought as normal without the fear of shutting down. With the no passport entry, many people can have spontaneous nights, this is huge when considering how many times this may occur even with yourself.

The benefit of scrapping the scheme does not automatically mean anyone can attend an event as negative Covid tests could be enforced on entry. This will in turn, protect the people inside, whether they’re working or enjoying the entertainment.

The fear of covid still looms and if everyone does their part, it can stay in the background. Covid tests before entering these venues could be huge and help confirm the future of these establishments by preventing further restrictions.

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