Preparing the hospitality industry for a ‘firebreak’ lockdown

Since 19th July we have all entered the 4th stage of the government’s road map to ‘normality’. With stage 4, nightclubs opened, face masks were left at home and big events entertained thousands. But often looms the past 2 years of constant lockdowns and the guilt of enjoying freedom, as if Covid never existed. With that, rumours and murmurs circulate with papers and tabloids fuelling news of a ‘Firebreak Lockdown’…


With news breaking of hospital admissions rising, the dreaded 4th lockdown could be upon us. With businesses and consumers returning to normality the switch to lockdown could prove tougher with the small taster everyone was given. Sky News reported, “Nadhim Zahawi says October ‘firebreak’ restrictions could be brought in, if the booster jab programme is not done ‘well’”. With most businesses finally allowing the public inside with no restrictions, the return of the lockdown could be damaging to the financial situation of the business. With suppliers stocking the restaurants that were prepared for normal business scenarios, the financial damage in buying stock that may not be used could be critical at this costly time.

The Sun also wrote “Britain may face ‘firebreak’ lockdown at October half-term if Covid cases surge, but only as ‘last resort’” though tipped as a last resort, being a food vendor, being prepared for this scenario is key. As many know, companies like Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo soared with the lockdown as hospitality businesses could not open for brick & mortar operation. The Guardian published that “Just Eat Takeaway orders soar 76% during six months of Covid restrictions”. However, the Evening Standard shared that the takeaway ordering apps have not declined as “Deliveroo doubles orders despite the lifting of Covid-19 lockdown”. This proves that the public endorsed this new method of takeaway as they did not return to their old ways.

The public also will be affected for many years to come as it is forecasted by Forbes that “Masks Are Here to Stay”. With this in mind, the return of traditional consumer behaviour may not return for years or at all. The natural approach now may be to switch to an app-based ordering system like the monopolised giants Uber Eats or Just Eat. However, “Uber Eats won’t budge on charging restaurants 30 per cent commission even as many face ruin due to lockdowns” as quoted on the Mail Online. It may be time to find an alternative that suits you.

With the uncertainty that awaits, eatPOS is here to help grow and transform your business to be COVID-19 proof. The commission-free based approach we offer lets you keep your profits and prepare for uncertainties. eatPOS offers contactless ‘in app’ ordering & online ordering, which is essential when trying to minimise the chance of a firebreak lockdown.

We have an array of products to help increase efficiency within your business. Our online ordering platform means you’re not paying extortionate commission fees to third party platforms, such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo & Just Eat.

As mentioned in a previous article, our online ordering platform means you’re only paying a small monthly charge for hosting & backups. In the event of a fourth lockdown, our online ordering platform will allow you to continue trading, without the high costs.

Benefits include:

 – Never miss orders with our smart auto-printing technology

 – Retain customer information in your own database, where you can easily send promotions via email or SMS

– Configure meal deals easily and efficiently

– Complete integration with your eatPOS till, accept online collection/delivery orders with the touch of a button!

With our ‘order at table’ apps, your business can operate in a safe and timely manner.

The benefits are as follows:

 – Reducing queues and congestion within the business

– Minimise high-risk touchpoints during COVID-19

– Minimize waiting times in restaurants

– Free up staff from taking orders to focus on service

– Speed up order taking

– Maintains social distance between staff and customers

The benefits expand outside the workplace too with a consumer-friendly experience that will keep customers returning. The contactless payment is designed to be used for many circumstances such as the table, click and collect or from home. eatPOS is the only company in the UK that offers all their services in house; and with 75 years of experience within the team, help is never far away when first adapting to the new world of hospitality.

Other benefits to ensure your business runs smoothly through a potential firebreak lockdown include a fully integrated complete package. With everything running through the same software, eatPOS is easy and creates a more efficient work environment. Other food delivery services like Uber Eats require further integration which might prove difficult. This partnered with the fact that you’ll be losing £300 for every £1000 that you make, it’s a no brainer to integrate eatPOS into your business.

Finally, eatPOS stretches their product to waiter EPOS, kiosks, tablet EPOS and easy to use table booking and planning which hopefully will be optimised instantly with a firebreak lockdown avoided. Fill out our contact form to find out more about how we can tailor our approaches to suit your business goals. One of our friendly consultants will be in-touch!