The innovative shift in Hospitality Technology & helping businesses to reopen

The times we live in, the compulsive need to keep up with the world is at an all-time high. Industries have had to make innovative changes to ensure the safety of their clientele, from smartphone apps to online ordering, the hospitality industry has had to turn to alternative means of ordering & operation.

We at eatPOS have reinvented our products to take into account the ever changing climate of adhering to rules surrounding social distancing. Our aim and ethos at this moment is to ensure businesses reopening have a contact-less solution ensuring the safety of its staff & customers.


Online Ordering

We recently published an article regarding the importance of online ordering, we see now more than ever it’s importance. The ability for customers to order from the comfort of their table in your restaurant or from the comfort of their home is a massive advantage to your business, and with the option of contact-less delivery/serving you can ensure your customers safety is held to the upmost importance. The ability to order and pay online eliminates the need for payment in person. With our integrated payment solution..

The use of online ordering extends your customer reach, it’s your own, it’s your brand & image. We don’t charge on commission like third party platforms (Ubereats, Deliveroo, Justeat). We create your very own online portal with the ability to adapt house styles & images from your integrated back office.

No Commission charges, instant access to your funds, fully responsive design across all devices, mobile and desktops. Create your own vision. With our apps you will have full access to your all important customer data. Keep your loyal customer to yourself and not share it with other competitors.


Order at table web apps

At eatPOS we have seen a significant increase in interest for our order at table contact-less smartphone apps. Compatible with all android & iOS models.

We offer customers the chance to place orders and pay from their smartphone. Customer journey is very important to us and we have made it as simple as possible. No downloads. No fuss. We set up businesses with their very own QR Code, giving customers quick access to their menu.  From there it’s a simple process and your customers’ beverage could be ordered and paid for in a minute or less.

Our order at table offers the lowest rates (0.6% + 25p). We offer customers an affordable contact-less solution fully integrated with our signature cloud EPOS software. With our cloud software you have the option to accept orders from your main terminal, allowing you to minimise movement & increase efficiency.

eatPOS EPOS cloud software

Our cloud software allows full integration across all our offering. From online reservations to order at table, we integrate with it all! From the image above you can see how our order at table integration works, the customer is seated on table 4 and their balance has been paid for on their smartphone, contact-less for covid recovery. You also have the option to reject the order if it cannot be fulfilled (there is also an option to auto-accept).

Enjoy Seamless integration with our online ordering module, manage reservations booked online, we are serious about giving customers a seamless all in one solution which is more important than ever with the need to social distance.

Our cloud EPOS has the ability to be remotely accessed by our technicians from anywhere, without the need for scheduling a technician visit onsite, our system is well suited for all hospitality based outlets.

Online reservations


Our online bookings module integrates into your existing website!

Hospitality businesses have not been able to open for dine in for months. Reducing no-shows is a must and restaurants deserve to be supported and given a solution. Restaurants have also started to reopen for bookings only and so table bookings by eatPOS can take deposits, and send automated reminder emails to reduce no-shows!

Table bookings by eatPOS is a great addition to your all in one solution, restaurants, pubs & bars are now able to view booked tables from their eatPOS EPOS till with the ability to also manage table bookings via email. This seamless integration makes our software a step above the rest. The ability to manage and control your business and its operations from one piece of kit is an advantage to any serious business owner within hospitality.

Our table booking module can help encourage more bookings during quieter periods, during covid recovery you can use this to maximise bookings. Using up-selling prompts, our online reservation module can encourage potential customers to book in less busy times, with the ability to offer discounts/incentives for off-peak bookings. Our intelligent booking system also allows you to limit reservations during peak times Again this can encourage customers to book during quieter times.


Our experience and ethos separates us from the crowd. Not only does our team have over 75 years’ combined experience running hospitality and retail businesses, but we have developed all our software in-house. This means that we know the software inside-out and can advise you on how to get the most out of it. Feel free get in touch with our expert team at eatPOS.