Zapper: Be part of the payment revolution   

Zapper is a free mobile app that is gaining popularity in the hospitality industry. It’s changing the way customers are paying for their purchases. Currently it’s available to download on Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8. Why is it so popular? Here are some of the benefits.

Speed Up Payments: Rather than wait for the chip and pin machine in a restaurant a customer just has to scan the QR code on a receipt to pay. This simple process improves customer service and increases efficiency of payments.

Secure: Card details are securely encrypted and stored safely on the customer’s phone. They will have to input their security code in order to pay.

Bill Splitting: When a group of customers want to split a bill it can become very confusing and time consuming. Zapper has a built in Bill splitting option so the customer pays exactly their share of the bill without any hassle.

eatPOS understands that your hospitality business needs to keep up with current trends in order to be competitive and deliver superior customer service. Zapper can be fully integrated with eatPOS as you can customise the receipt to include a QR code.

Take full advantage of the receipt customisation function provided by eatPOS and integrate Zapper into your hospitality business today.