Old Tills Vs EPOS Systems

Old Tills Vs EPOS Systems

EPOS Systems are essential for retail and hospitality businesses as not only do they record and process transactions they offer more flexibility and add to the image of your premises. Since the recent introduction of the cloud based EPOS system it has become more than a till. This will be explored below.

Faster Payments: Rather than going through arduous steps to process a payment on a hard buttoned till, the EPOS touch screen interface is user friendly and simplistic. This means that transactions can be faster, thus increasing efficiency overall.

Highly Customisable: A cloud based EPOS system works via the internet. Therefore you can customise the menu offerings via the back office from anywhere in the world at the click of a button. An old till system doesn’t allow you to make changes and if it does it is limited and takes a lot of time to customise the predefined keys or codes in order to change the menu and you would have to be in the store.

Mobile: Hard buttoned tills are always rooted in one place in the store. Therefore front of house staff have to keep running up and down to process orders and tell the kitchen what to cook. Not only is this an inefficient use of time but it is poor customer service. EPOS systems have the ability to be in the form of e-waiter tablets so orders can be taken at the table. Therefore the front of house staff can send orders from the table on the e-waiter tablet straight to the kitchen printer.

Recording made Simple: At the end of the day hard buttoned till owners will have to calculate their float using a pen, paper and a calculator. Whereas an EPOS system owner doesn’t have to worry about this because, the payments are recorded automatically and totalled as well as backed up daily onto the cloud. The amount of reports are endless ranging from product item sales, sales today, sales last week, to employee shifts.

Loyalty/Discounts can be integrated: When a customer is entitled to a discount, an old buttoned till owner would have to type in a long procedure as the machine is not used to a different price for an item. Also, loyalty cannot be seamlessly integrated. For an additional price loyalty can be integrated into and managed within the EPOS software. Also discounts can easily be applied at the click of a button.

The only deterrent about an EPOS system can be the price. An average system can easily be sold for £2000 which can be eye watering for some businesses. However, eatPOS understand this and their entry level system starts at £899 with 1 month’s free support and 12 months Cloud Management and Reporting included. eatPOS have made their EPOS system a very affordable solution, as well as feature rich.

An EPOS system should be thought of as a long term investment that will add value to your business by increasing efficiency, thus increasing profits and adding to an improved customer service and experience.