Waiter Pads

Waiter Pads

Businesses are quick to realise the advantages for cloud based EPOS systems. The software used is compatible on a wide range of devices which makes it so versatile. Hospitality businesses don’t need to be grounded to a static terminal.

eatPOS, a specialist EPOS supplier offers a range of EPOS systems to cater for any hospitality business. One of their solutions are waiter pads which is truly beneficial to premises with table seating. Here is how it works:

  1. Order at the Table: Front of house staff take orders at the customer’s table from a portable tablet. This reduces errors from pen and paper order taking as orders and modifiers are clearly presented on the screen.

  1. Sent to Kitchen: The orders are sent wirelessly to the kitchen. Front of house staff don’t need to keep running to the kitchen and back. As a result they have more time to serve customers.

  2. Synced to Main Terminal: eatPOS is powered by the cloud which means that data is accessible on any device given that there is an internet connection.

  3. Pay by the Table: The waiter pads can even be used to cash off orders and print bills. The customer shouldn’t have to wait in a queue to pay for their meal or drinks.

eatPOS electronic waiter pads start at £499 in a range of colours. If you’re interested in introducing electronic waiter pads into your hospitality business, click here for more information. or give us a call on 0116 380 0299.

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